Winfried Bungert Executive Search is responsible for identifying, selecting and presenting suitable candidates who have both, the job qualifications and the required personal skills.
Below you’ll find our detailed recruitment process:

Job profile and environment analysis

Icon_PositionsprofilThe customer names the requirements and the position in which the future job holder is incorporated into the organisation, or it is put together with our help. Through this, a comprehensive job profile is created.

Direct search

Icon_DirektsucheBy reference to a targeted and systematically executed market research, done in clearly defined segments, the direct search finds its targets of identifying suitable people, whose careers correspond to the stipulated qualifications. If required a target company list is compiled, which is aligned with that of the customer’s. The necessary application documents are requested.

Evaluation of the application documents

Icon_AuswertungThe submitted documents are assessed from both a professional and a psychological point of view.

Preliminary talks with applicants

Icon_VorgespraecheWe lead preliminary talks with those suitably matched candidates. Afterwards we interview those people who, due to their previous job experiences, match as closely as possible to the defined job profile. Finally we come to a preliminary selection and give recommendations for recruitment and for contractual arrangements.

Interview phase

Icon_InterviewphaseThe final decision will be made by the customer on the basis of the interviews.